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Providing Research-Based Treatments For Emerging Health Challenges in Canada

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The recent global health crisis has demonstrated the need for fast-paced, continuous learning of health care services as they pertain to the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The mainstream strategy of “waiting until multi-year research projects enable the health authorities to tell doctors what to do” is far too slow and ineffective in the fight against Covid-19. In order to combat this pandemic, what we have helped develop is a world-wide network of health care professionals and researchers who can quickly seek out, harvest, and share their expertise, experience and knowledge gained over the last two years in their fight against Covid-19.

CC TeleHealth is a member-based service which provides healthcare to the Canadian public.

Our MISSION is to be on the leading edge of discovery, compassion and courage for treating health challenges that are not yet being effectively addressed by the mainstream health services.

We do this by:

  • building a network of researchers and frontline treating professionals;
  • building collaborative support amongst teams of compassionate health care practitioners and researchers who strive for integrity and ethics;
  • leveraging technology to enable rapid learning, resulting in CC TeleHealth’s ability to provide quality, rapid responses and services that were not previously possible.
The following links provide more information on the above services:

COVID-19 Available Health Services

Enclosed are your options for treating a COVID-19 infection. There are many things you can do on your own to reduce risk. The home treatment instructions will help you protect yourself. 
However, the best protection involves access to medications that can be used both for prevention and treatment. Support through medications requires an appointment with a Health Care Practitioner (HCP). Treatment options are listed below.  A $50 Lifetime Membership Fee plus a $50 deposit (total $100) is required to schedule your first appointment.

COVID-19 Prevention Sign Up

For prevention support click on the following link. Fees for prevention are $149.00 for your telephone-based treatment appointment.

COVID-19 Treatment Sign Up

CCTH offers a variety of treatment options
that vary in cost based on complexity
of treatment requirements.

COVID-19 Home Care Education and Guidelines

The COVID-19 Home Care web page provides extensive treatment education information. 


Appointment Availability to Treat
Long-COVID & Vaccine Injury

Recent Vaccine Injury Patient Comment
I’m feeling so much better, even in the last few days
Feeling a renewed sense of hope – like this isn’t a permanent condition for me.
Sometimes availability is limited. If appointments are not available, you can register to be notified as soon as treatment appointments can be scheduled.
GREEN button lets you register for an APPOINTMENT, a RED button lets you register to be NOTIFIED when appointments are available.

Register to Receive Notification
for Mental Health Services

CC TeleHealth Mental Health services are focused on recovery and community support for individuals suffering from global health crisis stress. Individual and group opportunities will be available.

Why Join Our Team?

Stay on the leading edge of discovery, compassion and courage with a team
that diligently develops solutions for emerging health challenges.

At CC TeleHealth you can work part time or full time. Try just filling in an afternoon or morning to deliver life changing services to Canadians who can’t find health solutions to critical difficulties arising from the global health crisis.
Enjoy being part of a highly collaboratiive work environment where your medical skills will be challenged and expanded.
Experience opportunities to build relationships throughout the world with other medical experts.